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The health and wellbeing of our residents and staff is our greatest priority during this time. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON COVID-19.

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Update on St Ives Retirement Living COVID-19 Scenario Planning for Next of Kin or Emergency Contact


Friday 6 November 2020

First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved one/s are staying safe and well during the Coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic.

We understand that we don’t often contact you, however as next of kin or emergency contact to a resident within one of our villages we thought it was important to share with you information around COVID-19. This will hopefully help you understand the planning that we have undertaken and to give you advanced support in relation to these matters and that you share this with other loved one/s who may be interested in this information.

Since the start of 2020, our focus has primarily been on maintaining the health, safety and wellbeing of your loved one/s. While we are in a very fortunate position with COVID-19 in WA with no community transmission currently, we are mindful that things can change quickly given the uncertain and unpredictable nature of the virus. As a result, we have recently undertaken detailed scenario planning to ensure that we are as prepared as possible should we need to act promptly to protect the health of your loved one/s who reside at St Ives.

Our approach to COVID-19 is overly cautious given the statistics relating to people over the age of 70 (or 65 with underlying health conditions). We have already implemented many changes to manage through the pandemic (including the shutdown of communal facilities and activities in Villages in March 2020 and regular resident welfare calls, which were reduced or removed in May 2020), and we have a strong COVID-19 response plan in place. Our staff have been trained (and continue to receive training) in hygiene and infection control, we have sought assurances from Home Care providers around how they are ensuring hygiene and infection control, and we are working closely with our cleaning providers to ensure they are meeting our cleaning and disinfecting standards.

Should there be three (3) days of community transmission (or cases from an unknown source, beyond hotel quarantine) across WA, we will likely enact the following measures:

Should there be widespread community transmission across WA (similar to the situation that Victoria has been experiencing in recent months), it is likely that the WA government will mandate a community lockdown. In this case, we will comply with all directions of the WA government, like we did earlier in the year. We may however go beyond this, if it is deemed necessary. In this situation, our approach is to, in addition to measures from scenario 1:

We have also planned for the unlikely event of a positive case of COVID-19 within our villages, both from a resident and staff perspective to ensure deep cleaning and this may also result in further lockdowns to impacted village/s. We are prepared to act swiftly in this situation to protect your loved one/s health, however we certainly hope that we don’t have to put this into practice.

With all of this in mind, if you are visiting your loved one/s, we ask that you continue to:

We know that these times are challenging for everyone and the leadership team and our Village teams are doing everything we can to provide the necessary support to your loved one/s, as we take great pride in ensuring we provide a safe environment for them. However, if there is anything we can do to further assist or if you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Village team or email info@stivesretirementliving.com.au.

While we will try not to contact you regularly, should there be changes to the situation or we feel it is necessary to keep you informed or provide a specific update, we will text you with a link to this page so you can stay informed.

We thank you again for your understanding and support during these difficult times.

Best regards

John Ford

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Scroop

General Manager, Operations