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6 tips for a healthy festive season

Wondering how you’re going to survive the festive season? The rules for healthy living are happily abandoned in favour of fun and festivities at this time of year as escaping celebrations is almost impossible. We’ve put together six tips to help you stay healthy, on track and minimise the impact of Christmas over-indulgence this year!

1. Exercise. It can be difficult to maintain or find time for exercise over the festive season however it is important to do some physical activity. Even a short walk will boost your metabolism and help work off a few extra Christmas calories. Evening walks are ideal at this time of year or try to exercise first thing in the morning, before the festivities begin.

2. Find healthier versions of your favourite treats. For example, replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate and rather than over-indulging on sugary treats, make sure your pantry and fridge are well stocked with healthy alternatives such as nuts, rice crackers, boiled eggs, fruit and veggies.

3. Stay hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water, herbal teas or diluted juices. Even mild dehydration can lead to a headache and combined with diuretic effects of alcohol makes maintaining your fluid intake very important.

4. Avoid sugary alcoholic mixers. Skip the soft drinks and opt for a mineral or soda water with fresh lemon or lime instead.

5. Eat slowly and give your body a rest. Eating slowly helps your body to recognise when it’s full so you don’t end up over eating. Give your body a rest between big meals so it has time to digest properly – don’t be tempted to pile food on top of food.

6. Back away from the buffet! Buffets can be a disaster in terms of over eating. A good tip is to make sure you fill half your plate with salads and vegetables and the rest with protein based foods like salmon or chicken, and then move away from the table as to avoid non-stop grazing.