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“I can’t believe how happy I am! We probably haven’t said to ourselves, but we should have done it 5 years ago. No more cleaning pools, watering and mowing the lawn. Retirement villages offer a certain amount of security, companionship and organisation in your life.  The security side of it is wonderful.  It is really designed beautifully, this particular village. It does have a certain atmosphere. I love the swimming pool, I can do all my exercises and I am feeling better for that. The staff here are amazing and they all have first-aid qualifications.”

Brian & Dianne

St Ives Northshore residents

“Our friends thought that we were crazy wanting to go into it at such a young age, but it was the best time to move. We have our friends over and they think it’s a great idea and the sooner they can get in the better – of course they don’t want to leave it too late! The future is taken care of for when I get old. I’m not old yet!”

Colin & Carol

St Ives Murdoch residents

“We are both very happy and there are some lovely people here. We find it a great place to live. You can be alone if you want to, but there is plenty going on if you want to be social. This was my idea, I had a big home and so did Beryl, and Beryl said ‘I’m not leaving here, I’ve lived here for so many years’. Then a tree fell down and the pool went rotten and so she came too.”

Beryl & Muriel

St Ives Melville residents

“Quietness, kindness and courtesy, friendship and fellowship abound. Friday food with enjoyable entertainment, freedom to be oneself, social sharing. Help offered but never intrusively, sympathy shared, joys in common. Glorious gardens, peace and quiet, freedom to come and go. Bush surroundings, nature walks, shared activities, acceptance.”

Kelvin & Mary

St Ives Mandurah residents

“We love it here, the fantastic bird life, beautiful walks around the village, and wonderful neighbours. Coming from a farm, the natural surrounds and the wildlife, and the fact the village can’t get any bigger, was important to us. All our friends think the village is beautiful and they love our home which is perfect for us. We couldn’t be happier with the village, the facilities in Mandurah and now the easy access to Perth.”

John & Thelma

St Ives Mandurah residents

“They have retained a lot of the original bush and native vegetation. People said ‘you’re downsizing’ and we’ve said ‘no actually, we are not’ because the amount of floor space is the same, but better laid out. The hills are not like the rest of Perth, not only does it look different but it feels different. There is not nearly as much traffic up here, it is much calmer.”

Peter & Peggy

St Ives Lesmurdie residents

“From never-ending work, to never any work!  I love living here. It’s been the best decision.”


St Ives Lesmurdie’s first resident

“If I had known, what I know today, I would have moved in here 5 years earlier. It is not a place were all old people go, it is a place where younger people go and enjoy the lifestyle. I thought I’d died once and gone to heaven because I was living here.”

John & Carol

St Ives Centro residents

“We love the people and we all get on very well. We enjoy wonderful Sunday night happy hours, BBQs, fish and chip nights and things like that. And you’re minutes from everything you want… from the airport to theatres, and the shopping is so close by – its wonderful! We love it. We’re very happy here.”

John & Maggie

St Ives Albany residents

“We decided to move in now as a couple, while we’re both in good health and can make the most out of life. The security and community environment gives us peace of mind, as we like to go away for three months of every year.”

Peter & Myrna

St Ives Albany residents

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