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So who is Dr Happy?


Yes, there is a Dr Happy! He’s also known as Dr Tim Sharp, and St Ives has been working closely with him to ensure we’re doing everything we can to create a happier, stress-free environment for all our residents and staff at our Retirement Villages. Maybe you’ve met him at a St Ives ‘Live Happy’ workshop.


Who is Dr Happy?

So, who exactly is he? Dr Sharp, Australia’s very own Dr Happy, is a Clinical and Consulting Psychologist and Mental Health Advocate, and an Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School and RMIT School of Health Sciences. So he is very well credentialed to help us with our ‘Live Happy’ strategy!

Dr Sharp is also the founder of the Happiness Institute, which is at the forefront of the positive psychology movement – essentially, the science of happiness. He has spent the past couple of decades focusing on what it is that makes people happy and the variables that contribute to the wellbeing of individuals, couples, families, companies and communities. In his work with us here at St Ives Retirement Living, he has drilled down into what it is that people need as they age, to ensure they enjoy a lifestyle of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


“As an academic, I wouldn’t have agreed to work with St Ives if I thought there was anything superficial about their approach,” Dr Sharp said.


“What I love about “Live Happy”, as an academic and experienced practitioner, is that while it’s built on credible and proven concepts, it can also be practically applied – it can be planned for, developed and created, in each and every St Ives Retirement Village to benefit each and every resident, no matter who they are or what their background is.


Making a difference

“Working together with the team at St Ives, I brought my academic credentials to the table with a view to integrate my knowledge of the research with their vast experience in the field of retirement living. Our aim was to build something that would make a real and meaningful difference to the lives of all who reside in their Villages.”


You can find out more about Dr Sharp at www.drhappy.com.au and read more of what he has to say about his work with St Ives in the St Ives Happiness Report.