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Pancake Tuesday A Hit At St Ives Mandurah


We love a good pancake – who doesn’t?! – and we now know for sure that residents at our Mandurah village love them just as much, or maybe even more, than we do.

As per tradition of Pancake Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday if you prefer), the only breakfast item on the menu was pancakes. Resident’s put their usual brekky plans aside and made their way to the Clubhouse for a delicious stack of fluffy, golden pancakes.

pancake tuesday-mandurah

Kay led the kitchen team as any fearless leader would, ensuring that all those who donned an apron knew her secret recipe for a great pancake. She gave Jenny and Glenys a quick demonstration before letting them loose on the tools to whip up enough batter to feed the hungry hoard of residents filing through the door. We tried to find out what the secret ingredients are and how much of each but we were spotted and the kitchen team went into lock-down.

pancake tuesday-mandurah

As resident’s waited patiently, the pancake smell was taunting them. After what felt like an eternity, Kay gave the green-light for them to grab their plate and start assembling their pancake stack. There were cheers of excitement among the crowd but we are happy to report there were no stampedes to get in first.

pancake tuesday-mandurah pancake tuesday-mandurah

Kay and the kitchen team ensured there were plenty of topping options to choose from – including fresh cream! Most opted for the standard maple syrup, but not everyone put in as much concentration to the perfect coverage as Enid did. George found it quite funny to watch but we understand the importance behind Enid’s careful hand.

pancake tuesday-mandurah

The consensus was that Pancake Tuesday was a big hit among the residents at Mandurah.  We’d like to thank Rita Willsdon-Jones for once again being on hand, and in the perfect spot every time, to photograph the event.

pancake tuesday-mandurah pancake tuesday-mandurah

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