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The Breams On Their Visit To antarctica


The Breams well and truly have the travel bug – and you’d have to if you did what they did in 2016 and jumped on a boat to Antarctica. Here’s their story as told to Thrive magazine.

“We set sail from Ushuaia and headed along the Beagle Channel past Cape Horn and onto Drakes Passage. Warnings of waves as high as eight to nine metres echoed across the ship, and we were prepared to experience what the Captain called the ‘Drake Break’ – that’s where the ship slightly rolled – which would then turn into the ‘Drake Shake’ during the night. The seas were extremely rough and although the vessel was fitted with stabilisers, it tossed and rolled throughout the night and most of the following day. Once we made our way through Drakes Passage, the seas calmed and everything became tranquil.

When you think of Antarctica, you think of white icebergs, snow and freezing cold weather. I never knew icebergs could be so magnificent with their varying degrees of blues interacting with the natural white that we associate with ice.

The weather was the biggest surprise as it was nowhere near as cold as anticipated. It was so eerily quiet and tranquil that even talking in a loud whisper seemed as though you were shouting.  We visited the most Southerly Post Office in the world at Port Lockroy and even had a glass of champagne while standing on an iceberg!

It was amazing to see all the whales, seals and penguins all in their natural surroundings and living as nature intended. We were able to walk among the penguins and they carried on as though we were not even there. Now that’s something not many get to experience.”

Here are just a few of Mike’s amazing photos from their trip:





Check out the latest edition of THRIVE magazine for more stories from our residents, and stay tuned for more blog posts in the future. View it here.