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We're Unlocking the Secrets to a Happy Retirement!

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Our "Live Happy" goal

Put simply, “Live Happy” is about creating an experience that helps you live a content and stress-free retirement. And at St Ives, that puts you at the heart of everything we do.

From the amenities and activities we offer, to the everyday engagement you have with our staff, we rate the success of our Villages on your happiness.

In fact, we’ve set ourselves a Happiness Score; it’s our benchmark for tracking how our residents are enjoying their St Ives lifestyle. They relate to the real, tangible benefits of retirement living at St Ives, and you’ll find out more about our Happiness Score below.

The science behind "Live Happy"

It’s not rocket science to say that being happy is the best way to live life. But there is a real science behind “Live Happy”.

To help us gain a better understanding of this science, St Ives partnered with Dr. Tim Sharp, Australia’s own Dr. Happy – founder of The Happiness Institute, Adjunct Professor, author and columnist. His research and experience with positive ageing has helped us identify and implement practical and proven initiatives across all of our Villages.

And it’s not just St Ives residents that are happier. If you want to get a head-start on a happy retirement, Dr. Happy has Happiness Tips you can start using today…

'Say Yes' Happiness Tip

'Move It' Happiness Tip
'Help Thy Neighbour' Happiness Tip
'Say Hello' Happiness Tip
'Eat Well' Happiness Tip
'Have Purpose' Happiness Tip
Introducing "Live Happy"
Dr. Happy

The St Ives Happiness Score

How it all adds up to a happier retirement!

St Ives’ revamped Resident Survey is now used to capture the quality of life at all of our Villages. Touching on all aspects of Village life, the survey asks our residents to rate how much they agree with the following statements. We use these scores to identify the areas we can improve in.

Click on each Happiness Influencer to see our latest results…

St Ives provides a brilliant experience whenever you interact with us

St Ives provides respectful, empathetic and amazingly talented staff

St Ives is continually improving their service to me

My Village is great and will support me into the future

St Ives provides a safe and secure environment

I have confidence in St Ives to protect my asset

Happiness Score: 74.3/100
Our Happiness Score goal is 80/100 Learn More

Want to learn more about the Happiness Score?

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Discover the
full story behind
"Live Happy"

Do you want to get the full story on “Live Happy”? Now you can download our very first St Ives Happiness Report.

With an in-depth introduction from Dr. Happy and more insights into our “Live Happy” initiatives, it’s your complete guide to living a more content, stress-free retirement with St Ives.

Download Report
St Ives Happiness Report

Want to unlock the secrets to a happy retirement?

Find out how at our regular Village events. Hosted by our residents this is a great opportunity to find out exactly what it’s like to live in a St Ives Retirement Village.

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Choosing the right village for you

We have 8 retirement villages across Perth, Mandurah & Albany. Learn more about each of our villages below.

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