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The big questions

Moving into a retirement village is a big decision – here are some answers to the big questions we get asked.

You’ll notice that here we don’t discuss fees. This is because each village has been designed to offer a different lifestyle to suit different budgets. If you would like to understand the complete costs associated with any of our villages, please contact us and we will happily take you through everything.

What can I expect from retirement living?

Retirement living is all about allowing you to live independently and enjoy the lifestyle you choose. So while we offer a great range of amenities and many villages have a vibrant and active social calendar, how much you choose to use the amenities, or engage in the community and events is entirely up to you. Some of our residents choose our villages simply for the convenience of locations and ‘lock and leave’ lifestyle, while others have built lifelong friendships with their neighbours – the choice is yours.

What’s the difference between retirement villages and aged care?

Retirement villages can only be accessed by people fully capable of living independently, whereas aged care is a completely separate industry that helps support elderly people with high care needs.

Retirement villages are about providing spaces where residents can access a community, enjoy the company of like-minded people and take advantage of the amenities, without the maintenance.

Most of our villages have active social committees running events and activities, which you are free to participate in as much or as little as you like, and a range of beautiful amenities you can access whenever you please. At retirement villages you are free to come and go as you like, and generally live whatever lifestyle you please.

Each of our villages has a distinct personality, so we recommend the best thing to do is to drop in for a tour and meet some of our residents to see if it suits you.

Will I have enough storage?

A big part of retirement living is downsizing, so most people aren’t able to bring everything they own with them. While all our homes have been built with ample storage and many feature a lock-up garage and additional storage, most of our residents take this opportunity to clear out the things they’ve been meaning to for years and just bring along the things they truly love. Most of our villages also come with caravan and boat parking so you don’t need to leave your lifestyle behind.

How safe and secure are the villages?

One of the biggest benefits of living in a retirement village is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re surrounded by like-minded people who are all looking out for you. It means if you want to leave at any time, it’s simply a matter of locking and leaving and knowing everything will be just as you left it on return. All our villages are enclosed and many are fully gated, with swipe access required to enter.

Is there an emergency call system in place?

Yes. All our homes have a 24 hour emergency call system linked to emergency services. .

Can I have visitors and are they allowed to use the amenities?

Yes, absolutely you can. Your home is yours to share and we love welcoming family and friends into our villages. There are of course some restrictions on the length of visitor’s stays, which vary according to village, and we ask that for the comfort and security of our residents you accompany them while they are using the amenities.

If you are having guests stay from out of town many of our villages offer affordable short term rental options so they can be close to you for the duration of their stay.

Can I bring my pets?

Yes. Pets are welcome at our villages although, to ensure the comfort and security of all our residents, they are subject to the approval of the Village Manager.

Is insurance included?

St Ives insure the buildings and all common areas, however residents are advised to take out contents insurance. All other personal insurance, such as health insurance, is the responsibility of our residents.

Can I use the facilities for a private function?

Yes, absolutely. The facilities can be booked out for almost any occasion, you will just be required to clean up after the party!

What will I do without my shed?

Don’t worry, this is a common concern for many people. The good news is that all our villages have a Work Shed where you can store your tools and continue your handiwork. These are some of the best used spaces in our villages, so you may even find yourself picking up more skills after you move in.

What do I do with all my stuff?

If you’re worried about downsizing why not follow this as a guide:

The things you love – keep them! There’s plenty of storage space in our villages – and if you’re moving into a smaller residence why not give it to people you love too. Be happy that you’ll be bringing others happiness.

The things you like but can do without – free yourself! Take a deep breath and feel great as you pack it into boxes and take it to your local charity drop-off so other people can enjoy it too, then embrace your new clutter free lifestyle.

The things that are valuable but you can’t take with you – sell them! You can make a decent buck through Web sites  that allow you to sell your belongings. Get someone you trust to find the most relevant site and help you list it if you’ve never used one before. Then, use the money you make to pay for the removalists, buy something more appropriate for your new home or else treat yourself!

Love where you live

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