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Don’t worry, be happy!


Want less stress in your life? Who doesn’t! Less worry and stress means a more contented life – and contentment is pretty close to happiness, in our book!

Dr Happy!

Enter Dr Happy – aka Dr Tim Sharp – a Clinical and Consulting Psychologist focused on the exciting science of Positive Psychology. So just what is Positive Psychology? Essentially, it is the science of happiness, and given St Ives’ focus on happiness and how important it is to our wellbeing, it makes sense to team up with Dr Sharp and unlock some of the science around happiness.


In particular, Dr Sharp takes an interest in positive ageing, exploring the specific factors that allow some of us to continue to enjoy positive emotions (ie happiness!) well into our later years.


The ‘Live Happy’ Approach

The ‘Live Happy’ approach to retirement living by St Ives tackles happiness and contentment across a wide range of areas from amenities to activities. Where we can help specifically reduce stress in our residents’ lives, however, are in areas like dealing with issues promptly, filling our Retirement Villages with the very best staff, improving our day-to-day communications, and operating in a safe and efficient way that will benefit of all our residents. If we do our job right, you won’t even notice us doing this! Everything will just work smoothly and efficiently; there will be less issues, less waiting – and less stress!


As Dr Happy says, “St Ives is well placed to create an environment of confidence, contentment and peace of mind. The knock-on effects of this are health and wellness for all residents. And what also comes with health and wellness? A good and long life!”


Hear, hear to that! Have a happy day!